Thursday Thirteen 1/10/13- 13 reasons I’m glad hockey is back

The hockey season will be starting soon, and yyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for that! I didn’t want to admit it, but I was getting a little twitchy. So here, I present – 13 reasons I’m glad hockey is back.

1. I can go back to wearing the million different hockey/Sabres-related clothing items I own.

2. Going to the arena to watch the Rochester Americans was fun, but they weren’t (most of them anyway) my beloved Sabres.

3. The winter suddenly doesn’t seem quite so endless and empty.

4. The city of Buffalo can get re-energized after yet another failure by the Bills to make the playoffs.

5. If the Sabres play even a round or two into the playoffs, there’s nothing better than being in Buffalo and seeing people walk into the arena in shorts and Sabres jerseys.

6. I missed Rick Jeanneret, best play-by-play man in hockey by a country mile.

7. I want to see what the new team, with the subtraction of guys like Derek Roy (who I actually liked) and the addition of guys like Steve Ott will look like. I’m tired of the Sabres getting pushed around, and the new guys should help with that an awful lot.

8. Not seeing Jason Pominville’s perennial sunniness genuinely depressed me.

9. Hockey players are some of the lamest, and yet entertaining interviews in sports. One of my favorite quotes is, “I was just lucky to get my stick on it.” Yes, as if this guy doesn’t play this sport FOR A LIVING and hasn’t focused on it almost exclusively since he was five.

10. The Stanley Cup playoffs are the best in sports, bar none. They are the most arduous survival of the fittest playoffs you’ll ever have the good fortune to experience.

11. It really bummed me out to see the picture Steve Ott Tweeted where it had “season not played” on the Stanley Cup when they cancelled the entire season last time there was a lockout.

12. Because though both sides were wrong, one thing you can count on from the players is that they’ll kill themselves out there to win the game, to entertain the fans they know damn well they wronged. If you’re not sure about that, read what Ryan Miller had to say about the lockout ending here (the last paragraph).

13. Now I can hear Doug Allen sing the National Anthem on a regular basis. That man is gold.

I have about fifty other reasons, but these will have to suffice since it’s Thursday Thirteen. 😉

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Pearl says:

The NHL strike is over. I didn’t think it would end. Junior hockey got more ticket sales for a while there I expect.