Author Feature: Pender Mackie

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 Pender Mackie is the author of several shorter stories as well as two novels, both for Loose Id Publishing. STAGE FRIGHT and SINGLE USE ONLY, her latest release, are set in Las Vegas and feature the men who work at The Erogenous Zone, an all male revue.

pender mackie sf 200x300 Author Feature:  Pender MackiePender lives in Canada though she spent her childhood years in England. An imaginative child, Pender wasn’t a willing student and didn’t learn to read until age nine when her father—deciding some incentive was needed—promised her a pony as soon as she could read a newspaper.

Properly motivated, Pender picked up a book and discovered the joys of fiction. Though her infatuation with ponies didn’t last, she still loves a good story. When she’s not doing what seems like endless laundry, she’s busy coaxing another story into shape.


Recent Release Title: Single Use Only

Author: Pender Mackie

 pender mackie suo 200x300 Author Feature:  Pender Mackie

Single Use Only Tagline:

Mike’s tired of the hook-up scene, Chris hasn’t even been to a real gay bar, but when the two men meet they discover they have much more in common than a mutual friend.



Mike Strenton is tired of the hook-up scene. All the men he meets in the Las Vegas gay bars are interested in one thing only and only one night. Been there done that. About to turn thirty-eight, Mike avoids casual sex until his need for contact is too great to ignore. He secretly longs to meet someone who sees beyond his laugh lines and broad shoulders to the sensitive lover underneath. A man who will choose him over the early morning walk of shame.

Twenty-something Chris Bennington has never even been to a gay bar though he’s into men as well as women. He sees the funny side of just about everything, including his first time with Mike. Chris wants a lover who doesn’t have a problem with his quirky sense of humor, his inability to cook or his bisexuality and he thinks Mike fits the bill. All he has to do is convince the big guy he’s not just sticking around for breakfast.



Mike stumbled down his hallway, hitching up his boxers and rubbing sleep from his eyes. Last night’s hookup was fiddling with the locks on the front door.

At Mike’s shuffling approach, the twink turned. “Sorry. I didn’t want to wake you.”

Mike reached around the smaller man. He flipped the dead bolt, then scratched his belly idly. “Probably not a good idea to stomp around cursing, then. For a guy your size, you make a lot of noise. I woke up thinking there was an elephant playing hacky sack in my hallway.”

The twink hesitated as if trying to decide whether he’d been insulted. He hadn’t been, at least not intentionally. Sometimes Mike just said the wrong thing at the wrong time.

The man opened the door, squinting in the harsh sunlight, one foot on the welcome mat, the other still in Mike’s hallway. Daylight revealed what the bar had hidden. Dark roots in bleached-blond hair, which Mike had almost expected, and fine lines around those baby blues, which he had not. Those character-giving crow’s-feet could be from too much time spent in the Las Vegas sun, but more likely… What the hell was his name? Cody? Kade? It was Cody, Mike decided. Most likely Cody got his allover tan the same place he got his boyzilian.

Cody wasn’t as young as Mike had first thought, though the poor guy was fighting like hell to look like he was on the right side of thirty. Mike understood the compulsion; in the bar scene over thirty was over-the-hill, and anyone past forty might as well be six feet under that same hill.

Even so, Mike preferred men with some life experience. Hell, it wouldn’t be long before he was pushing up daisies, figuratively speaking, but he didn’t really care how old a guy was as long as he could legally drink and didn’t qualify for the seniors’ discount at any of the Vegas buffets. Most gay men in Las Vegas weren’t quite as flexible.

The number of men interested in a guy with a few prematurely gray hairs and a ponytail—albeit a short one—seemed to get smaller every day. And the ones who might consider sticking around after the lovin’ was over? Smaller still.

Mike sighed and thought longingly of coffee. “It’s pretty early. Not even the worms are up. Why don’t you come back inside? I’ve got stuff for breakfast, and I’m willing to share my newspaper.” He smiled. “I’ll let you read the comics first.”

Cody stepped onto the front walk. He turned and said, “Look, it was good, but I’m not interested in breakfast. Or anything else. I’m not into big guys.”

Ouch. “That’s not the impression I got last night.” They’d talked at the bar, shared a few beers, laughed at each other’s jokes, groped each other a bit. Cody was the one who’d decided he wanted more. No one had forced him.

“You know how it is when you’ve been drinking.” Cody shrugged. “You’re not really my type.”

Mike’s gaze narrowed. They hadn’t had that much to drink. “You could have fooled me. Especially when you were clawing my back and grunting my name.”

Cody rocked on his heels and sucked air through his teeth.

Okay, maybe that was a little harsh, but Mike was barely awake. He didn’t fire on all cylinders until he was properly caffeinated. He stepped forward, hands held out in a placating gesture. “Look, Cody, I didn’t mean that to sound so—”

“It’s Kade, asshole.”

Well, hell. That had done it.

Kade turned on his heel and stomped down the path. He marched across Mike’s tiny, graveled front yard, then spun, his hands on his hips.

“And you were a boring fuck too! One hundred percent pure vanilla.”

Mike’s cheeks burned. Kade’s voice carried loud and clear in the peaceful Sunday-morning air.

Next door Mrs. Weatherbee stood on her porch, her morning newspaper clutched in a tanned hand, her golf bag over one shoulder. A retired schoolteacher in her late sixties, and fitter than Mike had ever been, she’d probably already played an entire eighteen-hole round of golf. At the sound of Kade’s raised voice, she turned to face them.

A warm desert breeze sprang up to tease Mike’s hair. Behind him his front door closed, and the spring-loaded latch engaged, locking him out with a quiet snick.


Mike watched as Kade dug car keys out of his too-tight designer jeans and threw himself into his car.

Kade executed an angry two-point turn, almost hitting Mike’s Norton motorcycle, still parked in the driveway where he’d left it last night.

Kade didn’t miss Mrs. Weatherbee’s ceramic donkey. His front bumper clipped the little garden ornament, which made an almost musical tinkle as it broke.

The Prius buzzed down the quiet street, sounding like an irritated bee, and it looked like Kade flipped Mike off as he sped away. Nice. The guy might be closer to thirty than twenty, but he had the cocky-young-guy attitude down pat.


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Author Feature: Chandra Ryan


ryan 199x300 Author Feature:  Chandra RyanBeing from a rather nomadic family, Chandra Ryan loves to travel and meet people. But she’s found that sometimes, like when you’re stuck inside because of a good old-fashioned Southwestern heat wave, you have to make do. Fortunately for her and her loving family, who don’t like seeing her suffer from cabin fever, she’s found creating new people and places equally as fascinating. Also, you’re a lot less likely to spill your ice tea.

hostileintent msr 182x300 Author Feature:  Chandra Ryan


Hostile Intent, Book four of Universal Definace
Release date: Feb. 21 2014
Genre: SciFi Erotica/Menage



Universal Defiance, Book Four

A few hours of passionate, meaningless sex is all Renee needs to take the edge off before her next reconnaissance mission. And the dangerously handsome stranger she meets on the space station docks is more than happy to give it to her.

But her quickie turns out to be a Coalition soldier who’s been ordered to kidnap her. Adam has no idea how tempting his new mission will be or how quickly his intended victim will work her way under his skin. And when someone tries to kill her, he must decide where his loyalties lie.

If they’re going to survive, they’ll need help from Renee’s longtime lover. As an investigative reporter, Michael has the contacts and access to information they need. He also has a raw sexual chemistry with women and men alike, and Adam can’t resist.

Inside Scoop: This ménage features some scorching male-male action.

A Romantica® sci-fi erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave



Adam stared at the woman in front of him. Just the sight of her made the air rush out of his lungs and his heart stop. The single bar of silver that rested just above her breast gave him her name clearly but it took a moment for him to process it. He was too busy remembering what that breast felt like cupped in his hand to worry about anything as trivial as a name. Her skin had been silk under his calloused fingertips and her nipples hard as they’d beaded against his lips.

Eventually, though, he had to shake the memory out of his head and accept the reality of the moment.

This was the Captain Holt.
The woman he’d just had in more sexual positions in three and a half hours than he’d thought humanly possible was the one he was supposed to kidnap? It couldn’t be.

But even as his mind tried to fight it, his body knew the truth. Her flawlessly pressed uniform, complete with the prim and proper hairstyle, couldn’t hide her from him. He had to fight the urge to pull her to him even knowing who she was.

“Sir.” He raised his hand in salute but the action felt slow—as if time was no longer moving at normal speed. He wasn’t about to mention this morning but he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about it. And judging by the dark pink that spread across her cheeks, she seemed to be having the same problem.

Though he couldn’t be certain if her blush was from the memories of their afternoon or because she’d actually taken his money and then gotten caught in the lie.

“I’m Captain Holt and this is my ship, the Hawk. I’ve heard you’re temporarily replacing my tactical officer, Commander Hodgkins.”


What’s the next release? Subservience, book five in the Universal Defiance series, is scheduled to release March 26th.

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Welcome guest blogger Adriana Kraft

Today the writing team that is Adriana Kraft stops by to discuss their latest.  Take it away, guys…

Authors of erotic romance often get teased about what kind of research they might delve into for the sake of their books – it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it…**snicker, giggle, knowing wink.**

The research my husband and I engaged in for this spicy romantic suspense is a little different – some might say, it’s been our entire lives. We’ve both taught at universities (that’s where we met) and we know the academic life from the inside. The choices and struggles faced by our professorial hero, Anthropologist Matt Bayfield, are more familiar than we might like to admit.

Hubs is a sociologist with a specialty in criminology. I promise he’s drawn on this background immensely in creating our spunky female undercover cop, Nancy Appleby, in plotting the trajectory of the crimes and the mystery of solving them, and especially in understanding our truly creepy villain (who I won’t name, of course – that would spoil everything!).

We’ve both immersed ourselves in understanding Celtic culture and history for years – long before we envisioned this novel. Hubs has Welsh roots, and mine are Scotch-Irish on one side, so we feel an ancestral pull to that era and its understanding of seasons and cycles. It was easy to hand that passion over to our ersatz professor. We won’t say more about how it’s woven into the plot, but we think readers will like it.

We had a close call researching the technology we’ve given our resourceful cop – hubs found himself on a website requesting security clearance for more information. Backed right out of that one! But found what we needed to know without tripping any more alarms.

The North Woods, where we’ve set the novel? A place we’ve lived and loved, and left, when the winters grew too much for us to handle. But while we lived there, we threw ourselves with a passion into the cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and crisp winter outings Nancy enjoys so much. Writing those scenes was like watching snippets from our own life on the screen.

The Unmasking was originally released in 2008 under a different pen name; rights reverted to us when the contract ran out, and we’ve decided to re-issue it as “ourselves.” We’ve thoroughly re-edited the book and incorporated helpful feedback from our beta readers

Our tag line is Erotic Romance for Two, Three, or More. Most of our published work has focused on the “three or more” side of the equation. We’re happy to offer a book focused on the “two” element, and we think readers will find the sex is no less sizzling. And no, we’re not going to share any research we might have indulged in to write those scenes.

The Unmasking, by Adriana Kraft
February 15, 2014
B&B Publishing
ISBN  978-0-9894693-6-4;   ASIN   B00IDVB6KQ
Romantic Suspense, 87,000 words
Heat rating: Four flames

 kraft unmask 199x300 Welcome guest blogger Adriana Kraft


Whose mask will crumble first—

the enigmatic professor of Celtic Studies,

the undercover cop masquerading as a co-ed,

or the campus stalker,

biding his time to strike again?


Is anthropology professor Matt Bayfield the Blackthorn College rapist, or a potential ally? Aloof and unapproachable, Matt has academic ambitions. He can’t escape Blackthorn College soon enough, and he doesn’t want any entanglements to slow down his exit.

Nancy Appleby would like nothing more than to solve the string of campus rape cases before Thanksgiving so she can go home. The last thing she wants is a relationship to complicate her life—but she’ll settle for a fling, especially when the sex sizzles.

The stalker has his own carefully crafted timetable, with a special date just for Nancy. Can Matt and Nancy force him out of his hidey-hole before it’s too late?



Four and a half stars at Romance Junkies: From beginning to end, THE UNMASKING is a fascinating tale…I was intrigued at how the writing team is able to intertwine a love story with such horrifying circumstances in startling clarity. One of the many things I adored about this story is that the main characters are flawed. They both make judgment errors and their mistakes and assumptions lead to some emotionally trying scenes that had me eagerly reading to find out how they were going to solve their conflicts – or at several points if they even would be able to remain together. If you enjoy romantic suspense novels then I can definitely recommend THE UNMASKING. Chrissy D.

Five Stars at Amazon: One of the best stories ever written by Adriana Kraft…a truly great read. Could not put it down until I finished it. Amy B.

Five Stars at Goodreads: The suspense is so well done you don’t know who the bad guy is until it’s revealed in the book. The action is fast paced and kept my interest to the very end. Could not put the book down. Donna H.





Chapter One


Who will be the next victim?

Nancy Appleby scanned the co-eds in the small lecture hall. Each could be his next prey. Each looked much younger than she remembered being as a full-time student. Each woman hung on Professor Bayfield’s well crafted words.

Was it the topic, Celtic Myths and Rituals, or was it the aloofness of the tall, dark-haired lecturer with the strong protruding chin that mesmerized? He did command attention. Although his tone was mild, Bayfield played with his audience like a polished actor. Clearly he was in control. Though he gestured but rarely, he moved like an athlete, comfortable in his body.

Nancy jotted notes on a yellow pad pretending to be no different than anyone else in the room. She glanced up at Bayfield, whose eyes had settled on her; they were piercing and inquisitive. Then he shifted his gaze, but he’d noticed her, was thinking about her. Why? She’d done everything she could to blend in. He hadn’t seemed particularly troubled by her presence, just curious.

Nancy redirected her attention to the individuals sitting in front of her. She’d arrived early to claim an aisle seat in the back row. The raised auditorium layout provided an advantageous observation post. About sixty women and twenty men were in attendance, no doubt a decent turnout. Blackthorn College had a student body of less than two thousand.

Nancy scribbled more notes and then focused on the men in the room.

Was he in the lecture hall? Would he strike again, tonight? Or would the rapist stay in his hole, biding his time?


Adriana Kraft Welcome guest blogger Adriana KraftAdriana Kraft is the pen name for a husband/wife team writing Erotic Romance for Two, Three or More. The award-winning pair has published over thirty erotic romance novels and novellas to outstanding reviews. Romantic pairings include straight m/f, lesbian, bisexual, ménage and polyamory, in both contemporary and paranormal settings.






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Author Feature: V.L. Locey

Thanks so much, Cass, for hosting me on my Pink Pucks & Power Plays road trip!

locey pucks Author Feature:  V.L. Locey

One of the best things about being an author, aside from being able to kill off people that aggravate you in real life in your books, is being able to create something from scratch. I’m not sure how the creative process for all writers works, but for me it begins with an idea or notion. Generally this notion isn`t firmly rooted in anything solid, it`s kind of a free floating apparition that bounces around inside my mind. Sometimes the ghost of a novel disappears when I shine the light of reason on it.

‘Uhm yeah, zombie cats that ride OCC choppers is cool, but I`m not sure that a cat could pass the written part of the motorcycle licensing exam. They have no thumbs to hold the pen.’

Other ideas are specters just waiting for a blank page to bring them to life. That was the case with my To Love a Wildcat series. After writing Goaltender`s Penalty, an M/M hockey novella, I knew I wanted to pen more ice hockey romance. Being a big fan of the New York Rangers, my love of the sport, and the men that play it, was already in place. Now, I needed a team. Since I`ve lived on the east coast of the United States all my life, I placed my new team in a city I had visited numerous times, Philadelphia.

Then I had to ascertain if this series would be male/male or male/female, as I do pen both. That decision was an easy one, for most of my work comes to me with the sexes of the leads already in place. So, the Wildcat series would be male/female. Check. Now we needed the starring male and the female.

I knew that I wanted the ladies of the Wildcats to be different from the typical mold of romance heroines. So Viviana was created. Viv is a sassy, curvy woman who has embraced her plus size. Her leading man, the handsome, and younger, defenseman Alain Lessard, contrary to what many would have us believe, finds Viviana highly enticing and erotic. I knew Alain was from Quebec the moment I wrote him. I could hear that sensual accent in my mind.

I bet you think we`re done now, right? Wrong. Now we needed to create an entire hockey team and organization. From scratch. That is a lot of people! This is what the process looked like.

locey 300x225 Author Feature:  V.L. Locey

It took a great deal of time but was well worth it. From owner to equipment manager the Philadelphia Wildcats are neatly laid out on virtual paper. After that, I could dive into writing this erotic romance. And dive I did! How about an excerpt so you can meet Viviana and Alain and dive in as well?!


Four dogs raced off the front porch that ran the length of the front of the house. They hit the driver’s side door like a pack of rabid wolves, barking and clawing at my paint job. I was not impressed. I didn’t dare get out, lest my lovely dress get ruined. The porch light came on and Alain filled the door. His shoulders looked as if they would barely fit through the doorway as he sauntered out to stand on the porch. Toenails were scrabbling on the window. I tooted the horn. Even with the windows up, his bellow was clear. The dogs ran to him, their tongues lolling. He rubbed the various furry heads as if praising them for attacking me. I pushed my door open and something the size of a feral cat leaped into my lap. I screamed as the animal went for my face.

“Daisy!” Alain shouted as I swatted and shrieked. The beast sat down instantly. I opened my eyes and found a canine that possibly weighed four pounds sitting on my thighs. My dress was covered with mud and hair and spittle flecks. Daisy, the frizzy white hellion, was wagging her stumpy tail and smiling at me. I was now far less than amused. Alain reached in, kissed my cheek then lifted the little dog from my lap. “She is so very glad to see you.”

“Yes, I can still smell her exuberance,” I sniffed, frowning down at the ruination of my clothing. I tried to remove the mud and fur, hopelessly. “It took me half an hour to choose this dress!”

“We can clean it up,” he said, dropping down into a crouch to swat at a hairball sticking to my thigh with determination. “Come inside. We will take it off and toss it in the washing machine.”

I looked over at him as if he had lost his mind.

“Alain, this is an original Presterman Gondola. You don’t simply toss this into the washing machine. This is crèpe de chine.” I held up the soiled hem of cool crème. “This will require a professional cleaner and a prayer to the dry cleaning gods that the rusty, red soil stains will come out of it!”

“She is very sorry,” Alain cooed, holding the tiny dog up at eye level. I glowered at the mutt. She lapped at my nose. “See? She did not mean to ruin your crap dress.”

“Crèpe,” I muttered, slinging my legs out of the car. Alain eyed them with open admiration as he straightened and stepped back. His arm went around my waist with familiarity that I enjoyed.

“Yes, crèpe,” he said, pronouncing the word as if he were clearing his throat. He led me through the happy hounds into the house. It was a massive, old place, with large, airy rooms going off in haphazard directions. The furnishings were used, more than likely by the hellhounds Alain owned, by the looks of them. We passed a living room and a den as we followed the smell of roasting beef into the kitchen. It was an impressive, grand room that could hold my entire condo. The appliances were not new. The linoleum was old and torn in a few places. The cabinets were sort of ratty. Alain placed Daisy, the dress destroyer, to the floor. She went over to slake her thirst alongside the rest of the dogs.

“Can you wash the dress by hand?” he asked, stepping to the double stainless sink to wash his hands before checking the food in the oven.

“I suppose,” I replied, running a keen eye over the wallpaper border that hugged the rather stained ceiling. Alain stepped up behind me. When his lips found my neck I allowed my eyelids to close for a moment. The backs of his fingers, still damp from washing, skimmed over my neck lightly. He found the zipper pull and gently unzipped my best dress slowly, dropping kisses to each inch of flesh he exposed. The crèpe de chine slid down my legs and puddled around my ankles.



You can find Pink Pucks & Power Plays at the Secret Cravings Store as well as all other major retailers:


Secret Cravings Publishing


All Romance eBooks



V.L. Locey loves worn jeans, belly laughs, anything romantic, Greek mythology, New York Rangers hockey,  comic books and coffee. (Not necessarily in that order.) She shares her life with her husband, her daughter, one dog, two cats, a steer named after a famous N.H.L. goalie, and a flock of assorted domestic fowl.

V.L. is a self-published and conventionally published author. She is a proud Torquere Press and Secret Cravings Publishing author. When not writing romantic tales, she can be found enjoying her day with her menagerie in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania with a cup of fresh java in hand, writing, or cheering on her beloved New York Rangers. She can also be found online on Facebook, Twitter, and GoodReads.


I love to meet new friends and fans! You can find me at-





My blog-




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#ReadAnEbookWeek – get two of my #ebooks at a discount!

Read An Ebook Week is March 2-8 and I’m celebrating by offering two of my titles on sale. The small business bookkeeping, at 50% off.

Nate O’Halloran is a PR superstar, an expert in crisis management for his image-conscious Public Affairs ARe #ReadAnEbookWeek   get two of my #ebooks at a discount!celebrity clients. When his college roommate, now a hospital director in Buffalo, calls to beg for his help– a cancer researcher on staff has disappeared with millions of dollars’ worth of government research funds– Nate agrees to help right away, though this situation is pretty small potatoes for him.

Val Chase, the hospital’s PR director, is none too thrilled when Nate shows up; does it mean her boss doesn’t trust her to handle this mess herself? Against her better judgment, Val decides she and Nate have to work together to save the hospital’s reputation, though the explosive attraction they feel is making any actual “work” difficult…

With the discount, this 50,000 contemporary single title romance is only $1.75!

Then there’s my freebie, Sizzling Shorts! These are two of my earlier short stories, with my signature sizzle.

A desperate, unhappy wife takes a chance and describes her ultimate fantasy to her husband.

After returning to her hometown for her winter break from college, a woman must decide whether or not to take the next step in a relationship with her co-worker.

To check out my other books on Smashwords, go here:

Or see my website:

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Welcome guest blogger Guy Ogan

Please welcome the author of “Immortal Relations Coming Out” G. D. Ogan to the blog:

Q:  Can you give the readers a summary of your third novel?

A:  “Immortal Relations Coming Out” continues my Adult Paranormal-Romance novels where vampires who had been victims of evil vampires in becoming changed, swore to fight against evil and to protect those still human from this evil as well as from human criminals and dictatorial politicians. In the third book our vampires discuss the possible gains vs. the risks of coming out to the human race. Have saved mankind from war before it became nuclear, repairing damages from a ruinous terrorist attack and reversed potential Extinction Level Events from two ecological disasters, our recently converted vampire suggests forming a symbiotic relationship with humans to fight all evil, vampires/human criminals/or dictatorial politicians by letting the humans know vampires are not just myths, fables or scary stories, but do exist and that not all are evil. Well meaning ideas sometimes have unexpected consequences and this plan is no exception.  While it was decided not to fully open themselves up to the world’s human population, a decision to allow the release of “fictional novels” was made in hopes the stories could plant the seed that not all vampires are evil, that there are some who wish to safeguard humans. In order to monitor the evil regime’s efforts to enslave its population, a new coven is set up in Southern Canada and it isn’t long before some knowledge of the true nature of the new visitors to Canada starts to come out. When our guardian vampires role in foiling greedy plans of the powerful Marxists becomes known it bodes ill for our heroes – attempts at retribution are swift in coming. Fortunately, the evil regime has a history not only for their corruption but for its bungling nature and acts before all the facts are known. Love is more powerful than hate and the people from the surrounding area of Canada see through the lies and come to the defense of their new neighbors!

Q:  Where are you from? 

A: West Texas is where I currently reside, but I’ve lived all around the world.

Q:  Tell us your latest news? 

A:  My third novel in my “Immortal Relations” series became available in print in October, 2013 and on Kindle a month later. Making a BIG JUMP in genres I’ve been working on a book for children about time-travel back to the age of dinosaurs! My six year old Granddaughter Lily is a BIG FAN of dinosaurs so I’m doing a book for her titled, “Lily and the Time Buggy.” But I’ve already got a cover picked out for “Immortal Relations – REVENGE” my forth in the Immortal Relations series!

Q:  Do you have a specific writing style?

A:  I’m not sure what to call it because I sometimes “dream” as if I’m in the action of the novels (or perhaps it might be called “channeling”). Then I’ll get up and type what I’ve “seen.”

Q:  What books have most influenced your writing most?

A:  I read the trilogy “Lord of the Rings” a hundred times, all of Tom Clancy’s works several times, Ann Rice’s “Servant of the Bones” and I enjoyed Twilight (but I think the one Stephenie Meyer didn’t release, “Midnight Sun” was her best by far, you can “Google” to read some of it).

Q:  Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?  

A:  I don’t seem like it but I’m a bit shy and prefer to write my thoughts and ideas rather than saying them aloud. I wasn’t a writer in public school, but when I started running long distances in track and cross-country I wanted to express the joys of running so I started submitting my writing to “The Long Distance Log” and other running magazines (long before Runner’s World was even thought of). While I’m sure they weren’t the best writing, they were always published. When I became interested in cars I submitted photos and descriptions of events I attended to magazines like “Cruising Style.” I often had three or more articles in every issue. Of course in my jobs in the Air Force and later, working for the Texas Prison System as a Specialist and Psychologist I did a lot of technical writing and even wrote a book on assessment and treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder. I guess you could say writing has always been a part of my life – just not writing novels. Had it not been for finding the photograph that is on page two of my first novel, I probably wouldn’t have written my first novel, let alone all three in the series (so far).

Q:  What was the hardest part of writing your book? 

A:  I think all authors; especially Indie Authors (those who have their books published by what used to be called “vanity press”) will say the hardest part is getting the word out about our works. Without blogs such as this one few readers would ever hear of our books.

Q:  Do you have any advice for other writers? 

A:  Yes, while I’ve happily received great reviews, a constructive review of any writer’s work can be helpful. However, there are some very terribly injured people out there who believe they will build themselves up by tearing others down. Don’t let such negative types get you down, just write what you believe and pay no attention to them, if they were so creative they’d be writing rather than trying to build themselves up by tearing others down.

Q:  Where can readers find you on the Web?

A:   Below are the buy links; however, I love to write back and forth with readers and you can do that on my and I’m writervampire on Facebook or E-Mail me at (the fastest way as I’m not on “social media” all that often).

ogan immortal relations 200x300 Welcome guest blogger Guy Ogan

“Immortal Relations” is at


ogan immortal relations love war 197x300 Welcome guest blogger Guy Ogan“Immortal Relations, Love and War” is at

ogan immortal relations coming out 197x300 Welcome guest blogger Guy Ogan

“Immortal Relations Coming Out” is at  

Q:  Can you share a little of your current work with us?

A:  This snippet is from page 69 of my third in the series, “Immortal Relations Coming Out.” It is the scene from the wedding of the vampire daughter of Magdalena and Gary whose name is Eviana (named for her aunt Eviana, who is called Evy in the book). Young Eviana is marrying Victor, a human (he knows she and the rest of her family are vampires – but GOOD VAMPIRES). This is from Gary’s point of view of the events of the wedding:

We boarded several limousines which whisked us over to where the marriage ceremony would be held and there we saw many of our old friends who had been there the day Magdalena and I had wed at the same location. My daughter Eviana had on the same dress Magdalena had worn the day she and I were married. It had a few minor alterations since Eviana was not quite as tall but had an ample bust and wanted the neckline plunging to show off one of her best features. Aside from these modifications, and the dazzling white color, it had the same haut-couture cut as the light blue, lacy, scalloped, and layered, shape-hugging dress I’d seen Magdalena in the first time I’d met her.

When my friends threw us our surprise wedding I’d been so overwhelmed I hadn’t really noticed all the white flowers that I now saw and which smelled so very sweet…I think they were Gardenias arranged hanging in twists around and down the polls placed alongside as well as in the back and in front of the wedding venue. As I walked Eviana down the aisle, I could hear her thoughts of overwhelming love for Victor and the beauty of it was so intense that it was all I could do to keep from crying. I could also hear Victor’s concern that he might faint due to the picture of loveliness walking toward him and prepared to be his bride. I sent him my thoughts; Steady on young man, the ceremony will be over before you know it and you’ll have a long time to enjoy your life with this wonderful lady. If you can’t read her thoughts right now, I can and I’ll confirm her deep love for you. I am so very proud to welcome you into the family as my son-in-law! What is it the Brits say, something about keeping a stiff upper-lip? Well, just keep SOMETHING stiff for a little bit longer. Then I smiled at him and he smiled back, or maybe he was smiling as his future bride drew nigh. Whatever it was, he seemed to take courage in the stars he saw in her eyes. At this realization I could feel tears on my own cheeks.

Once again, Vladimir had a gift of a dazzling five carat Red Ruby mounted in a Gold ring. This looked to be a twin to the one he had provided when I wed Magdalena. I was sure this was also from the Hermitage collection for Victor, the groom, to place on the finger of Eviana, his bride.

There was a reception held afterwards; however I only got a parting glance of Victor and Eviana as food evidently wasn’t on their minds. Vladimir had arranged for them to stay in the bedroom at the Menshikov Palace which was completed in 1721 and was the most luxurious building during the time of Peter the Great.

Soon, Vladimir had corralled us and we were transported to the same palace where we entered a private suite of rooms that had been prepared for us. There we found Vlad, Grandmother and Roger and after hugs and kisses we sat down to discuss the wedding and what we had accomplished at the new coven we’d set up in Canadian.

I’m sure the readers have surmised the wedding of Victor, a (human) Police Inspector in Canada’s Ontario Provence to my (full vampire) daughter Eviana (named for my second mate, her Aunt Evy) took place at the world famous Hermitage Museum at the behest of Vladimir Kolukov, President of the Russian Federation and close personal friend to Gary and other good vampires. There’s a lot of information about the development of the various human-vampire relationships throughout all three novels.


I love to talk with readers so PLEASE leave a comment and I’ll try to reply to you. If you have read one of my books and leave a comment about what you have read I may pick you to receive one of the others in the series for free if you leave an E-Mail address. If you are shy and don’t wish to leave a public comment you can E-Mail me at or try the following social media but I’m seldom on them:

Author’s Websites:

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Book Spotlight: Tall, Dark & Alpha by Afton Locke

Why are Cruises Sexy?

Rock My Boat – Tall, Dark & Alpha Boxed Set


Thank you for hosting me today. I’m excited to present my paranormal erotic romance Rock My Boat, which is part of the Tall, Dark & Alpha boxed set, and explain why cruises are sexy.

As we’ve heard in recent news, cruises can be anything but sexy — being trapped at sea for days with no electricity, quarantined or sick with widespread viruses, or sinking off a rocky coast. But they have a sexy side too and here’s why:

  •  The setting is usually romantic. Rock My Boat is a Caribbean cruise, so there’s plenty of sunshine and gentle breezes. Not to mention exotic ports of call like Grand Cayman.
  •  It’s a confined space. In my story, Simon wants Rhonda and pursues her with single-minded purpose. Even though they’re on a big ship, she can’t run far. Wherever she goes, he seems to turn up.
  •  The voyage is a true getaway. When a woman boards a ship and pulls away from the harbor, her everyday life is left behind. Of course, Rhonda is a CEO so she insists on bringing her briefcase and phone, but Simon definitely provides some distractions! Two people surrounded by water on all sides can only focus on each other.
  •  There’s a little fear involved. All trips involve risk. A storm could come up and the ship could sink. Studies have found that nothing boosts romance like a healthy dose of life-or-death fear.
  •  Water happens to be the right habitat for an aquatic shifter. Simon is a blue marlin shifter, so the water around them is a big part of the plot and his survival.

If you still doubt cruises are sexy, watch some Love Boat reruns to see the power of romance at work!

Once addicted to the sea, you can’t escape its pleasures.


locke boat 300x300 Book  Spotlight:  Tall, Dark & Alpha by Afton Locke

Blurb – Rock My Boat

Workaholic CEO Rhonda Simms embarks on a Caribbean cruise to create an ad campaign for a big maritime freight client. She finds it impossible to concentrate, however, when Simon Mann, a blue marlin shifter, sets his sights on her. From a private, hands-on safety briefing to a wild ride in the ocean, he rocks her ordered world.

Simon drowned years ago in a shipwreck caused by Rhonda’s client, and he’ll do anything to be a normal man again. As his mate, Rhonda is the only person who can help him.

Tired of being so responsible, Rhonda is ready to let loose with a shipboard fling. Mating with Simon could cost a lot more than her virginity, however. Will she stick to her present course or will she let this sexy alpha rock her boat?


Rock My Boat (Tall, Dark & Alpha boxed set)

Release Date:  8 March 2014

Available at Amazon and other online book retailers.






locke alpha 300x286 Book  Spotlight:  Tall, Dark & Alpha by Afton Locke


Blurb – Tall, Dark & Alpha

He makes your heart pound and melts your resistance away. He promises you a world of passion and you find it impossible to resist his dark charm. When he catches your eye across the room, you know he means business. He could be an executive, cop, shape shifter, or a bad boy looking for a little fun. Once he has you in his sights, you can’t get away—and after one sizzling night in his arms, you won’t want to. He’s Tall, Dark & Alpha. The alpha male is the ultimate indulgence…the richest dark chocolate…and we’re offering him to you in abundance.

Delve into the sensual worlds of award-winning authors: Randi Alexander, Koko Brown, Sam Cheever, Delaney Diamond, Eve Langlais, Afton Locke, Dawn Montgomery, Farrah Rochon, Paige Tyler, and Eve Vaughn. Immerse yourself in the alpha male experience.


Don’t miss the What IS Alpha Blog Tour, March 5 – 19th.


Afton’s Links:


Web site:







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Welcome Guest Blogger Jill Hughey

Jill Hughey is stopping by to discuss her steamy historical romances.  Take it away, Jill…


hughey 150x150 Welcome Guest Blogger Jill HugheyThe most interesting fact about Jill Hughey is that she can sing really, really high. But the craft that fills most of her spare hours is writing historical romance set in Charlemagne’s empire. Her stories have the normal level of sensuality for the genre and she doesn’t normally flash the dirty bits around in public, but, since this blog is called “Hot Blogging with Heart” Jill thought she should share a scene with a little bit of heat. Here is a steamy first kiss from her book Vain that goes way, way farther than most first kisses, especially in the 840s when this story is set.

Lily, our heroine, just learned today that her father, who sold their home and tailoring shop while she was still living in it, has completely abandoned her to move elsewhere with a woman. Theo, lord of the town, knows she needs protection, so he insists that she stay at his home. She may have drowned her sorrows with a bit too much wine with dinner, and is now adjusting the hem on his new tunic.

 hughey vain 200x300 Welcome Guest Blogger Jill Hughey


“Are you done?” He sounded impatient.

She glanced up from beneath her lashes. He was looking down, a falcon over a mouse.

“Ah, damn.” He shocked her when he reached down to grip her elbow and pull her upright, searching her eyes with a restiveness that indicated he was indeed feeling impatient with her. His thumb traced tenderly along her jaw and over her lips, sending sparkles of…something…down into her belly. “Did Arn ever kiss you?” he asked thickly as he cradled her chin in his hand.

“Of course not,” she replied, confused. “He is a gentleman.”

Her description annoyed him. “He is a boy and a fool,” he asserted as he stared at her mouth then ran his thumb along her lower lip again. Unfamiliar intensity stiffened his posture. He leaned forward. She should have known what would follow. In her innocence, the light brush of his lips over hers surprised and paralyzed her with its novelty and gentleness. She examined the experience for a moment, liking his kiss intensely, and when his dry mouth and tickly beard pressed against her more firmly, he awakened an unfamiliar passion. Her chin lifted to bring her lips into better alignment with his. They teased one another’s mouths for a few moments. Lily wished she could spin them out forever.

He retreated slightly, studying her from behind hooded eyelids. “A complete fool,” he amended, then he pressed against her in earnest, one hand moving to her neck while the other slid to her hip. His lips caressed hers in a tantalizing motion. Her mouth opened instinctively, letting his tongue slip along her lips and slide against her tongue.

Wine and heat and longing curled through her.

She slid her hands up his chest to his shoulders, then wound her arms around his neck, wanting to pull him closer in any way she could. They kissed and tested. He removed her veil, combing his fingers through her long hair as they kissed. Time lost meaning. Lily floated in a pool of wanting and being wanted.

Theophilus’s hand explored upward, finding her breast. Her flesh tightened as he cupped it appreciatively, murmuring against her cheek. She did not protest when he loosened the lacing of her tunic. His lips were on her neck, the beard rasping her tender skin. Effortlessly, Lily was bared to the waist, even her undergarments pushed aside. Her lord leaned back. With a thick forefinger he traced a line from her shoulder over her nipple to the bunching of fabric at her waist. She bit her lip against the flare of lust his touch sparked, her nipple prickling in tight excitement. “You are perfectly made, Lily,” he rasped. “Adding pleats is just unfair to the rest of womankind.”

She tried to think of a pert reply. Coherency flew away as his mouth fastened on her breast. A furor of lust erupted. She clutched at his tunic, and he growled, arching her back over his arm, never releasing the suckling hold on her nipple. She throbbed, an unimaginable tension running from the heat of his mouth to her loins. Her body belonged to him, becoming less recognizable as her own as she moaned and ran her hands restively over his ribs and back. She grabbed great handfuls of his garment.

He lifted his head. His eyes were dark and commanding. “Take off my tunic.”

The order should have shocked her back to sanity, but she wanted to obey. She wanted to see his skin and caress him as he did her. He gazed at her like a man starved, his eyes drinking in her exposed skin, his hand cradling her breast even as he waited for her to comply with his command. The same hunger tore at her. He knew how to guide them to sustenance. And he would.

“Take it off,” he repeated, as though the two of them undressing in his hall was the most obvious, sane action they could possibly take. He tore his eyes off her breast to look at her. With a wry smile he leaned forward to begin kissing her again.

She had never felt anything like this. It had been so long since she’d felt anything good at all that she hoped this moment would never end. She tugged on the Blood of Christ, so distracted by his solid torso she barely noticed that in the midst of removing his tunic he also shoved her clothing the rest of the way to the floor, leaving only the thin shield of her hose over her legs.

“So beautiful,” he praised as he began kissing her again, pressing a palm on her soft belly. “Yes,” he encouraged when her fingers skimmed across bronze shoulders that felt like the warmest, smoothest cloth she could imagine. And his smell. He smelled clean, yet, somehow exciting. Her nostrils flared, inhaling the masculine scent that raised her awareness of him even higher. He buried his face in her hair, then brushed it away so he could nip at her neck. She let her head drop back into his palm while his other hand kneaded her breast before putting his mouth there for another taste of her.

Her world, already so unbalanced, flipped again, slipping her, body and soul, deeper into the pool of lustful heat, until it made complete sense to have his hands on her bare bottom, then invading the hot cleft between her legs, a place she’d never even explored herself. When her lord gently parted her, the rightness of his touch had her opening for him without protest. She sucked in a harsh breath when his clever finger found a particularly satisfying spot.

“Oh Lily,” he breathed as she put her lips on his lightly haired chest. She thought his voice quavered. She hoped so because somewhere, deep in her mind, she knew a reckoning awaited in the harsh light of day when she would have to face him and remember what she had allowed him to do.

His finger stroked again and that bitter warning blessedly evaporated, steamed away by the heat consuming them. She whimpered and hung on him, her hands clutching at his straining shoulders. He turned and lifted her, sitting her on the edge of the table. She did not understand what he wanted her to do. He stepped between her legs to renew his attention to her sex, and she did not need to understand. Her body knew. Her hips moved of their own volition and her knees drew up, first against his ribs, then easing outward as her hands clutched at his shoulders.

“Oh Lily,” he groaned again. She had not thought it possible to add a new sensation, until she cried out as he slipped his finger into her. She arched back and moved against his hands like a wanton, riding an upward spiral until, miraculously, she shattered. Something inside flew apart in waves, driving her to thrust up and moan and helplessly receive the pleasure he gave without mercy.
*   *   *

When the storm ended, she was sprawled on the table, the most erotic creature Theo had ever beheld, much less touched. He leaned over her, pushing her hair off her flushed face and arranging the locks over her breasts, fascinated.

Her hair was nearly black, with enough thickness and length to completely cover her chest. Theo liked the contrast of the dark strands against her pale skin but he pushed the hair away again impatiently. Those breasts would bring any sane man to his knees. Only an insane man would shield them from view, especially when they were rosy from his kisses. He had not lied in his praise of her body. And now she lay, limpid and helpless, too innocent to arm herself against his knowledge of her. She would not protest if he mounted her. No, just the opposite. She would be a soft, willing cradle, and she might even rise again in passion.

His manhood strained within his braies, so close to the passage he knew would be tight, slick, so ready for him. Virgin. The thought stayed him. Lily was a virgin, a woman of a lower class, and under his protection. He could not violate her. In fact, half an hour ago, he would have denied the possibility of laying her out like a roasted lamb on his table. She had been fixing his hem, looked up at him in complete ignorance, and his body had said “You must touch her now. Now, now, now!” The resulting explorations had been unplanned and foolish. But damn. Who would have guessed the tailor’s daughter to be a woman of such exquisite passion?

She stirred. Her eyes opened, and she stared up at him, acutely aware of and confused by what had occurred between them. He smiled with genuine tenderness at her lovely innocence. She shifted, obviously wanting to sit up. He pulled her upright without retreating, his whole body thrumming with the desire to be closer to her. She slipped her arms around him, bringing them into an unexpected, pleasant embrace, her head on his shoulder and those tantalizing breasts pillowed against his chest. She trembled so he stroked her back, giving her the reassurance she obviously needed while appreciating the very feminine curve at her hip where the flesh had a womanly pliancy. If he could just get inside her, he would clamp a hand onto that hip as he drove to his own completion.

He clenched his teeth against a groan.

She imitated his touch, trailing her hands from his shoulders to his waist and up again, probably unaware of the rock hard shaft straining to get at her. He was painfully aware. The scent of her skin and the musky aroma of her desire teased him even more as she pressed against him. He wanted to be inside her. Now, now, now!

“What just happened?” she whispered, her breath tickling his skin.

He smirked. He had never been anyone’s first lover and enjoyed the masculine vanity fed by the wonderment of her question. “I gave you pleasure,” he answered.

She nodded and a strand of her hair tickled his stomach. “Is there a way for me to give you pleasure?”

The innocence of the question shot lust through him like a flaming arrow. He’d had no expectation of receiving any relief from her tonight. Now that the offer was quite literally on the table, he had no ability to deny himself.

He reached between them to release his sex from what remained of his clothing then placed one of her hands around the hardened shaft. She gasped. He feared she might bolt. He would let her go if she did. Instead she looked down, studying his manhood. Knowing her gaze was on him made him grit his teeth. He moved within the circle of her hand, then adjusted her grip to teach her what pleased a man. Her motions were willing but awkward, not nearly as fulfilling as he knew her sheath would be.

“Show me what you felt, Lily,” he begged, impatient. “Move your hand the way your body moved.”

She bit her lower lip, then began to drive him slowly, deliberately mad, using her whole body to arouse him. She kissed him open mouthed while she worked him, even bringing her other hand down to squeeze the blunt tip of his manhood. He moaned into her mouth as his hips matched the rhythm they both remembered. His lusty response made her bolder.

He palmed her breast, and she twined a leg around his waist and moved her hot lips to his neck, then, God help him, to his flat nipple. He moaned in a primal way even an innocent could recognize. “Yes,” she whispered as he spent on her bare thigh. She did not stop, caressing him until he begged her to cease. Even then she did not let him go, instead cradling his softening member in her palm.

The climax stunned him with its potency, and with the stark knowledge of what had been missing. He had wanted to be inside her. He had wanted to put his seed in her with an intensity that both startled and unsettled him. Spending outside a woman’s body had always been his contraception of choice. He had never given it a moment’s thought. Tonight, the wasted seed glistening on her skin somehow shamed him, a shame that made no sense. He had preserved her virginity. He had saved her from future shame. He had protected them both from producing an illegitimate child. Why did the act of wiping the fruitless semen from her ivory leg feel so wrong?


Jill was thinking of this scene when she wrote the short blurb for Vain which goes like this: A tailor’s abandoned daughter fashions a vain nobleman’s tunic, finding passion between the neckline and hem as misfortune forces her into his precarious aristocratic world.

hughey evolution 300x111 Welcome Guest Blogger Jill Hughey

Vain is available at the following ebook sellers, and is in print on Amazon. It is the third book in Jill Hughey’s Evolution Series.


Barnes and Noble



Jill Hughey blogs at, is on Facebook at, and tweets @jillhughey.


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#SneakPeekSunday 2/23/14- More from Hiding In Plain Sight #LGBT #newrelease

I’m off gallivanting in San Antonio, Texas at Wild Wicked Weekend, but that doesn’t mean the sharing of good stuff has to gallivant with me! Here’s some more fun from my newest release, Hiding In Plain Sight:

At the cinema, they got their tickets and found seats about two-thirds of the way back in the theater. The movie started, and Joe became hyperaware of Vlad’s warmth next to him. Joe had never messed around during a movie but found that was all he could think about. Vlad’s hand lay on his thigh. Joe imagined moving it to the placket of his own cargo pants and pressing down. He was rock hard. A picture of him kneeling in front of Vlad and taking Vlad’s dick in his mouth wouldn’t leave him alone either, seemingly on a loop through his sex-deprived brain.

Joe’s leg began to bounce, and Vlad leaned over, bringing the smell of his intoxicating cologne even closer.

“You okay?”

Not trusting himself to speak, Joe merely nodded.

I am sooo going to hell.

He’d been screwed from the first minute he’d seen Vlad. The man was far too tempting for Joe’s peace of mind. Before he had more time to drive himself crazy, Joe grabbed Vlad by the chin. There were only four other people in the theater, all sitting farther forward. Joe kissed Vlad, swallowing the little moan that escaped the other man. His cock twitched, and he wanted to make Vlad moan again, to lose control, no matter where they were.

*fanning myself* Well, then…



Loose Id:

For more information on me or my books, check out my website at

Until next week…

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#ThursdayThirteen 2/20/14- 13 words or phrases overused when writing

All authors have “pet” words and phrases, and some are more egregious than others in using them in their writing. How much they hurt your writing depends on the word and how often you overuse it, so there are no hard and fast rules. But I think you’ll agree that overusing many of these words will have a detrimental effect on your writing. Now, on to the list!

1. Just: Sooo many writers overuse this one

2. Was: Indicates passive voice. How much you overuse this very much depends on the writer

3. Cock: Figured I’d see if you were awake. But seriously, it’s overused in erotic romance because penis sounds so clinical and most of us aren’t a fan of using “junk”. 😉

4. Again: Not enough synonyms for this word either, so writers lean on it too much.

5. That: There are times – only a few, but there are, when “that” is necessary. Otherwise, cut it.

6. Well: Yep, here’s another one that’s hard to eliminate given the cadence of language.

7. Very: Almost never needed. Eliminate it and see if it makes a difference (in a negative way). It most likely won’t.

8. He/She: Though you shouldn’t overuse your character’s names, it’s necessary, especially in a scene with more than two people to use them more often. Otherwise you confuse the reader.

9. Little: Again, take it out and see if there’s a detrimental effect on the work. Probably not.

10. Pussy: Another one that doesn’t have enough synonyms that don’t sound ridiculous.

11. Really: Yet another that won’t have a negative effect on your prose if removed.

12. But: A crutch word. Also not enough synonyms.

13. Bit her lip/Rolled his-her eyes/Raised one eyebrow: Yep, I’m as guilty as the next writer. But I’m getting better. I think.

What words and phrases do you think are most overused?

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